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Precision Ultrasonic Metal Machine Welding

Precision Ultrasonic Metal Machine Welding

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Product Description

Precision Ultrasonic Metal Machine Welding

Ultrasonic metal welding machine product features

◆ With the latest IC control technology, it can provide time, power, pressure, welding depth and other welding modes
◆ Suitable for welding applications with very high requirements for process control and welding quality
◆ The whole series is equipped with ZT first SG series digital ultrasonic generator, full function MPS4 controller and newly designed press, which can adapt to more applications of various products, with higher welding quality and smoother and faster welding process
◆ It can be used in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic production environment. The power output can be customized according to the model: 1500W to 7500W
No load, no load resonance, no need to adjust welding head
◆ Servo control is adopted to adjust the welding height. The all-digital control unit is input by touch screen, and the welding precision can be adjusted up to 0.01mm and the time accurate up to 0.1ms
◆ There is no need to preheat the product, you can choose different welding surface mold lines

◆ Good electrical conductivity after welding, very low or near zero resistance coefficient, short welding time, do not need any flux, gas, solder

Applicable to ultrasonic metal welding machine:
Applicable industry: new energy, battery, solar energy, military industry, aerospace, glasses, power motor, Super Capacitor, etc
◆ Suitable for: copper, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel, gold, silver and other non-steel materials
◆ Suitable products such as: battery connector terminal solar energy
Nickel metal hydride battery nickel mesh and nickel sheet intermelt
◆ For lithium battery and polymer battery, copper foil is interfused with nickel sheet, aluminum foil is interfused with aluminum sheet, copper foil is interfused with nickel sheet (negative electrode), aluminum foil is interfused with aluminum sheet (positive electrode), aluminum and nickel, aluminum-Nickel composite strip, cover plate and cap
◆ Wire intermelting, partial to one and multiple intermelting
◆ Wire and various electronic components, contacts, connectors interfusion: patch thick film resistance, PATCH inductance, relay, electromagnetic switch, fusible switch, connector, diode lead: electrolytic capacitor pole ear, transformer
◆ Large heat dissipation seat, heat exchange fin, honeycomb core melting of various household appliances and locomotive supplies
◆ Electromagnetic switch, no fuse switch and other large current contacts, intermelting of heterogeneous metal pieces
◆ Sealing and cutting off of metal pipe can be water and air tight

◆ Auto parts: airbag wire harness, collector ring, filament, lamp cover.

Basic parameters and models of ultrasonic metal welding machine

































Specific applications of ultrasonic metal welding machine are as follows:
Welding of strands of stranded wire to rows of wires
Welding of rotor and rectifier
Welding of rare metal electrical joints
Welding of large wire and terminal
Welding of copper terminal and beryllium copper alloy
Electromagnetic wire terminal welding
Brush braided copper wire for welding with main power cable
Polymetallic wire end weld
Welding of multiple stranded wires to terminals
Welding of contact components
Welding of stranded copper wire and beryllium copper terminal
Engine outlet ends welded
Welding of wire terminal and forming terminal
Welding of thick copper sheet to aluminum sheet
Welding the braid terminal to the engine brush
Connect the batteries by welding
Welding of nickel plated lead to platinum lead of thermoresistor
Small metal sheet and metal mesh, metal foil welding
Welding of solid copper conductor to brass terminal
Welding copper braid to brass terminal
Welding of brush holder assembly

Precision Ultrasonic Metal Machine Welding

Dongguan Jinwang Ultrasonic Equipment Co.,Ltd

 Dongguan Jinwen Ultrasonic Equipment Co.,Ltd is a production,research and development of ultrasonic plastic welding and Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment of large manufactures.In modern society, ultrasonic technology is widely used in all walks of life, such as electronics, machinery and other industries useful ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic welding machine and ultrasonic spot welding machine;Scientific research units use ultrasound for detection;The application of ultrasound in medical treatment and so on.

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